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Let the Fun Shine… Camp Bestival 2015

Camp Bestival

Some of my happiest EVER times have involved muddy fields, flat beer, live music and great friends.

I am a festival bitch, through and through. Glitter, facepaint, wild outfits, wellies, tents, atrocious weather, no sleep, dancing like no-one is watching (even though you’re surrounded by 10,000 people) and hats. A variety of hats. It’s 100% my thing.

However, I was resigned to the fact I’d have to have a little break in my festival schedule when I had the mini human. I didn’t think there would be an opportunity to take him, at least until he was a little older. BUT I WAS WRONG! As a total Bestival lover, I was super-thrilled to learn more about Camp Bestival – the family festival from Rob da Bank’s crew that caters brilliantly for kids…but not just the kids. it’s fantastic for adults too.

A friend and I ventured down last year for the first time, when my bubba was just six months old. Admittedly, we went a little “posher” than I usually would at a festival, with a lovely, ready-set-up base and nice showers & loos (thanks to Tangerine Fields) and I only stayed one night, but the kids absolutely loved it. The older ones made friends on our campsite and ran between all the attractions with that wild abandon that only children have the energy for, while the tiny one watched everything with glee, his innocent eyes taking everything in, loving the colours and sunshine and noises and music. It was perfect. And us two mums had a bloody good time too.

(All images via campbestival.com. Click to enlarge)

I am SO EXCITED that we’re planning on going back again this year. The line-up is even better than last, with music from Kaiser Chiefs, Ella Eyre, Soul II Soul, Ella Henderson, The Cuban Brothers (♥), Clean Bandits and LOADS more, along with comedy, kid acts, fairground rides, fireworks and just thousands of others things to do. It’s going to be even better now little one can run around and knows lots of the characters and music we’ll see and hear. My heart bursts already at the thought of his happy little face.

We’re looking into options on where to stay, with contenders including Tangerine Fields (again), luxurious Tipis, Gypsy Caravans, Yurts and many more. With my bad back an three kids in tow, pitching a tent ourselves isn’t an option – but seriously – that’s OK with me!

The festival takes place in Bournemouth, and this year’s theme is WILD. I love how involved people get with their fancy dress – but if theming isn’t your thing – you don’t have to dress up!

If you have kids and are looking for a truly fun weekend in the height of summer, you need to check out the Camp Bestival website and book your tickets QUICK. It’s a brilliant experience with something for everyone in the family. You never know – we might even see you there.


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