Hello, and welcome to Love London.

My name is JJ Miller, and I established Love London (originally called This Little Lady) WAY back in 2008. I have no idea where those ten years went, but they’ve been a lot of fun.

Originally, this site was all about the best bits of London. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with some incredible events over the years, including The GQ Men of the Year Awards, Tatler’s Most Eligible Bachelor Awards, Brown’s Boutique’s 40th anniversary party, The London Lifestyle Awards and The Hunger Games Film Premier. I’ve been at more club and bar launches than I can even remember, eaten in some of the best restaurants this amazing city has to offer and travelled the world, all thanks to Love London. I’m still astounded at just how lucky I’ve been.

However! 4 years ago, things changed dramatically, and I’m now a Mummy. Who’s nearly 40. So…instead of playing with London’s elite every night, these days it’s more about playing with Lego. And unfortunately, Love London has suffered a little. How can I write the same blog I used to when my life is so different?

I did consider saying goodbye to the site. I did think about just letting it go, or letting someone else take over. But I love Love London and I love writing, so I hatched a little plan and we are back, with a new lease of life, and an original direction.

So…welcome to Love/London! The site will now be in two parts, rather predictably called….


Now, we’re not just talking romantic love here, I’m not planning on becoming a dating blog (I’ll leave that to my hot friend, Katy). We’ll be talking self-love, health-love, wealth-love, and anything else we love. I’ll be talking about my new lifestyle, which is more hot yoga & avocados than staying up all night, with a bit of non-dull family stuff, and of course my love for the best new products, gadgets and world travel destinations.


I’ll still be out and about, exploring some of London’s finest restaurants and hotels, getting my “culture” on and spending time with some of my extremely talented friends who do exciting things around town. But for the really fun stuff….I have a new, beautiful, smart and funny co-writer on the site, the gorgeous Lindsey Peel. Lindsey works in London and is a Professional Make Up Artist (and Radio/TV Presenter) so is *always* up to something exciting, and will bring you all the info you need about the best bars, clubs and parties around London and further afield.

Together, we’ll travel, visit some of the best events going, introduce some of our favourite places to visit, people to hang out with and of course, Lindsey will be on hand to talk Make Up and Beauty in general…and we’ll both indulge in our love of Fashion.

So…while we might have grown up a lot in the last ten years, not much has changed, really. The site will be more personal, more alive, more authentic, but it still has the same heart. Love London will still be about positivity, happiness and enjoying ourselves, you won’t find any negativity here (there’s enough of that in the world already). We’re excited to get writing again and explore the newest, greatest and most exciting things that London, and the world beyond, have to offer.

If you’re looking for us out and about, this is what we look like.

Jen Miller Lindsey Peel


I’ve missed you, and I’m happy to be back 🙂

Thanks for reading!

JJ x

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